Diarrhea FAQ

What is Diarrhea?

Diarrhea is a condition defined by the World Health Organization as having three or more loose or liquid stools a day. 

Why does diarrhea happen?

Diarrhea occurs when the bowels are receiving extra water.  Secretory diarrhea is when the body is releasing water into the bowels. On the other hand, if the bowels are drawing water from the body it is called Osmotic diarrhea.

What are the common causes?

The most common cause of acute diarrhea is an infectious agent.  Viruses, bacteria and parasites are all known causes of diarrhea.  In some cases, a reaction to medication can also trigger an acute bout with diarrhea.  Chronic diarrhea usually has a more serious cause like an inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome or alcoholism.  In these cases, treatment might require more of a lifestyle change.

When is diarrhea dangerous?

Dehydration is the most dangerous aspect of diarrhea, especially in children.  Dehydration from diarrhea is the second leading killer of children under 5 years old across the globe.  This problem is mainly relegated to developing countries with poorly secured drinking water and less advanced medical infrastructure.

How do I treat my diarrhea?

Cases of acute diarrhea can normally be remedies with over the counter drugs, natural supplements or a host of natural home remedies.  Over the counter drugs are said to have a 50% success rate.  Natural zeolite supplements have an 80% success rate.  The efficacy of home remedies may not be documented but may still be highly effective.  When it comes to stopping diarrhea, our bodies may react in different ways.  Find the remedy that fits you best.

How do I prevent diarrhea?

The most important part of preventing diarrhea is learning what causes your diarrhea.  There are some triggers that are common to many people and some that are specific to the individual.  Start narrowing your diet to better identify your triggers.  Another way to control or prevent diarrhea is through natural supplements.  Most micronized zeolite supplements are used for detoxification but have an added benefit of helping to stop diarrhea.  Many people suffering from chronic diarrhea take zeolite supplements to help regulate their stools as well as detoxify.

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