Diarrhea from Alcohol abuse


Alcohol has a direct and immediate affect on the parts of the digestive system that can cause diarrhea.  Diarrhea is normally displayed during the “hangover” after alcohol consumption, but its causes occur much earlier.


When alcohol is absorbed in the small intestines, the toxicity retards its ability to absorb water.  The cells begin to secrete fluids and electrolytes while rejecting incoming water.  This begins an outpouring of fluids from the intestinal lining resulting in diarrhea. Alcohol also causes diarrhea by promoting an overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestines.  Unlike the large intestine, the small intestines do not have rich bacteria.  An increase in bacteria will cause gas and bloating along with diarrhea.  Either way, diarrhea will continue until the alcohol is detoxified and removed from the digestive system.

In addition to creating diarrhea within the body, the consumption of alcohol can also affect a person’s control of their bowels.  Not only are the cells of the small intestines not able to absorb water, their ability to control what passes through becomes hindered.  As a result of this decreased control, an embarrassing episode of uncontrolled diarrhea may occur.  This sometimes happens when a person attempts to break wind but instead has an episode of diarrhea.

In acute cases, the intensity of these conditions will vary depending on how much alcohol was consumed and the physiological differences from person to person.  There are remedies for “hangovers” that may speed up the detoxification process to alleviate the symptoms.  There are zeolite supplements that stop diarrhea and simultaneously detoxify the system.  They work great for hangover relieving symptoms.

Stop Diarrhea Fast